Smoke Signals

We’re pleased to announce Blaze, our private multimedia chatserver for nonprofit groups that need to exchange text messages or media files and have audio/video conferences for free. Try Blaze! Avoid dealing with multinational corporations offering ‘free’ services that secretly turn you into a product. Blaze is powered by RocketChat, a full-featured open source software alternative to corporate eavesdroppers and our service is run by a nonprofit ISP that respects your privacy!

The Easy Way to Register:
Send an email to SmokePatrol Support and include:
(1) your nonprofit Group’s Name (to name your private channel);
(2) a short summary of your Group’s Purpose (for the channel banner), and;
(3) the (a) First Name, (b) Last Initial & (c) Email for each group member.

To Join a Group’s Existing Channel:
Just add (1) and (3abc) above for yourself, plus the Passphrase someone in the Group gave you.

SmokePatrol Support will set everything up for you.
Each of your Group’s members will get an email with a temporary password. Once your people login, they will immediately be able to join the Group’s private channel.

Need help? Send questions to SmokePatrol Support. There is also full documentation available for RocketChat.

Oct 2020 Update: Our nonprofit ISP, LevelSevenDigital, has been working on a user-friendly web interface to make registration much easier for all of their services (including our chatserver), and there’s Good News! They’re now in the final stages of testing a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution, so expect news in November 2020!