Smoke Signals

Announcing Blaze, our private multimedia conferencing server for nonprofit groups who need to meet online for audio/video conferences or exchange text messages or media files — for free!

Avoid dealing with multinational corporations offering so-called ‘free’ services that instead quietly turn you into a product. Blaze is powered by RocketChat, a full-featured open source conferencing platform alternative to commercial/corporate eavesdropping — and our service is hosted by a nonprofit ISP that protects your privacy!

Easy Registration using the SmokePatrol Support Form.

We set everything up for you!

Use the form to tell us:
(1) Your nonprofit Group’s Name (for naming your Group’s private channel);
(2) The (a) First Name, (b) Last Initial & (c) Email for each group member (including yourself).
(3) A one-sentence summary of your Group’s Purpose (for the channel banner).
Each of your Group’s members will get an email with a temporary password. When people login, they just set their password and can immediately to join the Group’s private channel.

To Join an Existing Group‘s Channel:
Include (1) and (2abc) for yourself, plus the Security Phrase someone in the Group gave you.

You can use a standard web browser or install a free RocketChat app for your Desktop or Android/iOS mobile device.
RocketChat’s documentation is available here.
Still need help? Send your questions to SmokePatrol Support.